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We all know that the internet has become something that cannot be separated from the culture of the new society. Through the internet, people can make innovations that aim to provide ease of communication and create new platforms for expressing themselves. One example of global communication media that is currently being loved by many groups is a video application called TikTok.

TikTok is an application that provides unique and interesting special effects that can be used easily so they can make short videos with cool results that can be exhibited to friends or other users. Tik Tok can be easily accessed by various groups ranging from teenagers to adults.

This short video application has a lot of music support so users can do their performance with dance, free style, and much more, so that encourages the creativity of their users to become content creators. Besides being used as a medium of entertainment and self-expression, this rapidly growing application is also an opportunity as a medium in developing business and precisely as a medium for business promotion. With unlimited creativity, TikTok can be a great opportunity for various brands to promote their business.

Then how about tips and tricks for online business promotion through TikTok? Here are 5 ways to promote online business using TikTok.

1.  Learn the TikTok platform and be always up to date with trends developing at TikTok

Learning about the platform you just installed is the easiest way to adapt to the application. Most people are still fumbling for the use of the TikTok application and only use it as merely an entertainment medium. Learning about the platform you just installed is the easiest way to adapt to the application. To attract the interest of the community you need to know the platform and not forget to always be up to date with various trends that develop as a reference to what innovations will be made or developed. 

2.  Create entertaining and fun content.

One of the most interesting things about the TikTok application is the content that is entertaining, funny, and fun. Create content for your business by packaging something fun and creative. Creating content about your business is an easy and inexpensive thing to promote your business on TikTok. So, take your cell phone and start making videos!

 3.  Make a hashtag challenge 

Another way to promote your business on TikTok is to create a hashtag challenge. The hashtag challenge is a special challenge for TikTok users to create and re-create content and add branded hashtags inside. Besides fun, this strategy also encourages interaction with TikTok users and build engagement.

4.  Working closely with TikTok influencers.

You need to consider this, especially if your business is targeting young people. Collaborating with influencers in the TikTok application will expand your reach in TikTok to attract the interest of both the audience and the buyer. Generation Z usually opposes anything that looks like traditional advertising. So, working with TikTok influencers can help you make connections with this generation of users. To find the right influencer for your business, you can search online or observe their profile.  The influencer will write information that can work with brands or businesses in the bio listed. Then they will post videos according to the hashtag or theme that is being trending.

5.  Using TikTok Ads

Since 2019 TikTok began developing paid advertisements on its platform. There are 4 types of ads that you can choose from, namely: Then they will post videos according to the hashtag or theme that is being trending. 

  •   Infeed Native Content: This type of ad is similar to Snapchat or Instagram story ads and supports many features such as website clicks or app downloads.
  •  Brand Takeovers: This allowed the brand to take over TikTok for the day. They can create pictures, GIFs, and videos with links to the destination page or hashtag challenge.
  •  Hashtag Challenges: You can use the promoted hashtag to get more engagement.
  •  Branded Lenses: Lenses contain this brand content such as 2D and 3D Snapchat lenses for faces and photos.

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