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The interest in online shopping is increasingly favored by most people in Indonesia. They are increasingly aware of the convenience and a lot of time that can be saved by shopping online. This is what makes several companies and individuals interested in starting an online business. There are many ways, strategies and platforms to support online businesses, the development of technology and various conveniences provided by the internet, sales and purchase transactions are also carried out online. The digital world is getting more advanced and everyone has easy access to the Internet, so do business online. From villages to cities, men and women can all do business online. Online business was chosen to facilitate a marketing without constrained ownership of the business place and the limited opportunities for success. Because through online business, we will have unlimited marketing space. Maybe you’ve heard the term Marketplace and E-commerce. What is the difference? Not all E-commerce can be called Marketplace, but all Marketplace is definitely E-commerce.

Marketplace is a website that connects sellers and buyers through the internet. One of the first marketplaces in the world to popularize the marketplace was eBay. Released in 1955, this website makes online business processes easier and more efficient. Two decades later, we see that the Marketplace has grown a lot and now you can find a marketplace for many things from used goods to food. In Indonesian, the marketplace has become some of the most successful starups, even reaching unicorn status. Through the marketplace the buying and selling process can run quickly and easily because it is assisted in promoting its merchandise and also provides facilities in terms of transacting money online.

The marketplace can be likened to the concept of a traditional market but the only difference is that the marketplace is done through the internet or only through online media. Through the marketplace, buyers can find various types of goods they want from various online shops. In the online business system through the marketplace, product sellers no longer need to bargain or ask questions about product specifications available. This is because in the website in the marketplace information and details of all the products being promoted are available. That way will make it easier for sellers because buyers only need to click the buy button if interested and then proceed with the transfer process through the rules and prices that are already listed on the marketplace.

What makes the marketplace more profitable than traditional markets is that sellers no longer need to bother thinking about paying rent for the place of sale. Online businesses are only required to register themselves and can sell their goods. Through the marketplace system it is also possible for buyers to initially open their own shops, then sell their products on the marketplace website. Most of the marketplaces implement premium advertising services as a source of profits through an online business system. Online business users are only required to pay for advertisements through advertised products.

While most of us might interpretion E-commerce as an online business buying and selling. Basically E-commerce is the activity of using digital information and communication technology in conducting business transactions to create, change and redefine sellers and buyers. In general, e-commerce in online businesses can be divided into five forms. For those of you who are active in the online e-commerce business, here are 5 forms of e-commerce in Indonesia.

1. Classified or Classified Ad List

List of classified ads is e-commerce in online business is the simplest of other forms of e-commerce. This online business system, which is a classified ad service provider, acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. So service providers are not directly involved in the buying and selling process.

2. C2C Marketplace

The C2C (Customer to Customer) marketplace model is almost the same as a list of business advertisements. The difference, in this model, e-commerce practitioners in online businesses not only promote sellers’ products but also provide online financial transaction services. This service is called an escrow service or a third party account with the aim of ensuring transaction security. Money that has been transferred by the buyer will be stored in a third party account, and the seller will receive the money if the buyer has received the goods or products purchased and if the transaction fails or is problematic then the money will be returned to the buyer.

3. Shopping Mall

This Shopping Mall is similar to the marketplace system, but those who sell in e-commerce in this form are large and well-known brands or meet certain requirements because this system will carry out strict verification in advance. While later e-commerce players in the business world will take advantage of the seller’s commission. Therefore, the brands that can be included in this business model must be large or well-known so that the e-commerce players in online businesses get a big profit.

4. B2C Online Store

This e-commerce model must be very familiar to you. Where e-commerce parties in online businesses sell their own merchandise online. In other words like the online shop that we know. Because it is done alone, then the business actor will get the full sales advantage and also has freedom. However, to run this model you have to manage a website, buy a domain and handle all transactions yourself.

5. Social Media Online Store

Online stores on social media are very common in Indonesia. Facebook and Instagram are the most widely used social media to sell products online. How to create an online store on social media is very easy. The e-commerce model in this online business is perfect for beginners because it has huge opportunities. In addition to its small capital, the social medial sales system is also easy and flexible.

E-commerce in an online business has many benefits, for sellers and buyers, such as being able to be accessed anytime and anywhere, looking for products faster and easier, saving costs and travel time, and an easy payment system.

A very visible difference between the marketplace and e-commerce is that if e-commerce only sells various types of products from that website alone. Thus buyers can only find one online store, in contrast to the marketplace you can find several online stores that sell their products on one website. For online business sales systems in e-commerce is actually almost the same as the marketplace that allows buyers to choose and determine what products to buy. If the buyer is interested in a product and wants to buy, the buyer only needs to click the buy button and then continue with the transfer process that has been provided.

What distinguishes an online marketplace business from e-commerce is if the e-commerce goods sold are only from the website. E-commerce does not provide land or a place to sell for other online store owners who want to sell their products, nor is there a bargaining process because the prices listed are fixed prices.