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We all know that the end of the year is the right time to do the reflection. You are allowed to make resolutions in celebrating the new year as long as you can make the realistic one. Have too much consideration is not good as well. When you try to fix everything, you will end up fix nothing. It’s not healthy to have the mindset to do better than last year or have to leave bad habits you did last year should be thrown away. But one thing everyone forgets about resolution, everything heads downhill after the second week in January, isn’t it? Here you can do to welcoming your New Year instead! 

1. Go small

It’s okay to have a list of stuff to buy, books to read, many people resolve to start to lose weight, some resolutions are stick, but others are forgotten and just too hard to achieve. it’s not easy to make big changes in your life just in a year. The case is the same as your business, New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be a joke–they can be a starting point for realistic improvements within your business. Some entrepreneurs often make big resolutions for their careers in business. They think they can make fresh starts,  be more realistic this year, and more good opportunities will come to you.


2. Expand your knowledge

Get involved with communities, stick to any kind of entrepreneur community whether it’s online or offline. 2020 is the year that you should take the initiative to become more engaged there. Participate in the activities and organizations that will give you knowledge and benefits that will help you run your business better. Just simply go to LinkedIn, or you can join our membership by click on this URL, find your new mentor, and create an opportunity for relationship-building.

3. Track your progress

Tracking your progress will help you to stay committed to the work. Know your progress, do whatever you can do each day, and feel good about the progress you make every single day. see how you make tiny little progress and how it takes you to the place you are in now. 


4. Reward yourself

Every small achievement is worth celebrating. No matter what kind of thing you have attained, remember how you put your effort to reach them and how you spend your time and energy to make them happened. You already working hard through the year, value your time and give space for your family and friends, live your life and go on vacation. 

Finally, the last piece of advice, be realistic. You should keep in mind that short-term goals are easier to keep, and each small accomplishment will help keep you to get more motivated. Remember ACE Buddies, it’s okay to make mistakes, we are all human after all, stop making scenarios in your head that everything should put in a perfect way. Just slow it down and Happy New Year!

If you have any good idea about how to not stick to unrealistic New Year resolution for your business, drop us a line in the comments below.

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