Tentang kami

Who We Are

ACE or Amazing Cross-Borders Entrepreneurs Commerce Indonesia, is a Community Meetup in Indonesia for anyone interested in learning about building Successful Cross Border Commerce by Exploring Opportunities in a wide range of Commerce (Ecommerce, Offline Retails, Wholesale, Social Commerce, Resellers, etc) and having Amazing Insights / Guidances from Awesome Founders / Entrepreneurs

Our Services

  • Online Education

  • Online Opportunities

As a Community, we focus a lot in providing Online Educations and Online Opportunities for our members. We understand that Educations should come first and we strive to bring in Amazing Founders / Mentors / Entrepreneurs to talk in our ACE Entrerpreneur Webinar Series.

In addition, we also strive to provide the best Online Opportunities for our members by exploring a wide range of Online E-commerce & Saas provided by our partners

Our Programs

ACE Online Reselling

Find the hottest product and the most wanted item nowadays. You can sources products from various suppliers (manufacturers or wholesalers) in AsiaCommerce and then sells it to the end consumers. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent push to online companies, online reselling is the more lucrative option. It brings all the benefits of a typical reseller business, plus the perks of an online enterprise.

ACE Online Dropshipping

ACE Commerce gives you the ability to offer a wide range of products without stocking any inventory. In ACE dropshipping program, all you have to do is market and sell the products. Your dropshipping supplier from ACE Partner handles everything product-related, from product development to warehousing and tracking, and even through to order fulfillment.