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In this Digital Era, the internet is the main thing that we should know. In Business we have passed the transition era from offline business to online business. According to APJII (Asosiasi Pengguna Jasa Internet Indonesia) Survey, Indonesia’s total population of 171,71 million or 64,8% in Indonesia is using the internet. This penetration number is increasing every year. 

As you should know, now we can have business without a store physic or any fund and you can do it at home. Wow! Now let’s start how to making online business from home

1. Find your Niche. 

If you have an online business you can’t sell everything in your store. You have to be specific about your product. Niche in online business is targeting your business to a group of people that have the same interest, hobby, passion and same desire. Your niche should not change, because your niche is your identity in business. Everything you choose for your online business, make sure you really understand your product. For example, if you want to sell bicycle accessories or a woman fashion product and you will do research about it because you are happy about it. If you already find your niche, stick to it and name your online business that relates to your online business. Then you have to be consistent about your brand and niche.

2. Find Your Product Sourcing

In ancient times, if you wanted to do sourcing for your product you would go to the market. For example, if you want to sell fashion products, you will go to Tanah Abang, find the right store and you do negotiation for wholesale price until you get a perfect price. But now the era is no longer like that. One of the free online business you can do is being a Dropshipper. You don’t have to have a product or maintain a large storage and handle a delivery for your customer for being a dropshipper. Dropshipper is Ship-third party items to buyers. How to be a Dropshipper? In ACE Commerce Community members, you can be a dropshipper so easily, ACE Commerce is supported by AsiaCommerce and You can make your own Online Business Website with and Sourcing products from overseas with AsiaCommerce. For Free. Things you have to do is just list your products for sale on your website with an easy system. 

3. Marketing

There’s many ways to do your marketing for your online business, but if you want to do it for free you can do it with digital marketing. Digital marketing is the best way for your online business and it also has paid ads, but you can use social media for your marketing. Such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. So, let’s begin what is the differences between facebook ads and google ads

Google ads and Facebook ads are the biggest platform for making ads for your business, your client, your product, services or brand. Now, we will divide into two categories, because there’s a lot of differences between Google ads and Facebook ads! 
As we should know, Youtube is owned by Google as Paid Search and Instagram owned by facebook as Paid Social Media. By dividing them into two categories will make us easier to understand about digital marketing 
Let see, what is the differences about Facebook ads and Google ads

  • User Goals

Users have different goals for using that platform, what do you do on Facebook? Usually, we use facebook for socializing with friends or family, Share great articles or funny jokes with video or photos to make you and your friends laugh. Simply, this is why you use facebook.

Now, why do we use Google? For searching something to buy? Or you just want to know the information where we will get the best price before you buy some product? Yes, more or less that’s why we use Google, for searching products to buy or to know the information about something. So, we can say that the users goal use Google or Facebook is different

  • Find your target

Find your target for your online business basically is how our ads reach our target that we want. In Facebook Ads, The target is really personal. We can say, Facebook is collecting much information about their user, like their name, age, gender, website history, their interest in shopping, demographic interest, users hobby, shopping behavior. Because facebook is too specific, so your ads target should be specific too.

Now let’s see about Google Ads. Different with Facebook, Google is not about their user, but is about the Keywords users typing in a web browser. Google collects keywords to their database with goals to know what is the most keywords that people search in google. Searching for product price and to compare with others product price. On google, your target is determined by keywords and you do targeting with words that relate with your online business

After you know your target that you want, the biggest question is when you have to use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for your online business?

When is the right time to use Facebook Ads? 

You can use Facebook Ads on your online business when you want to sell products that maybe they don’t want, but they maybe want it. How? You can write good Copywriting in your ads with interesting photos or videos. So, Facebook is a platform that sells something that looks like people don’t want it but there’s a possibility they might want it. For Example, maybe you don’t need a new t-shirt, but you might buy a new t-shirt because you see a good copywriting and photo on the ads. 

When is the right time to use Google Ads? 

Different from Facebook Ads, you can use Google Ads when you have products or services to sell and at the same time when they need the product and search for them. For example, when the winter is coming, you will search for a jacket so that your body temperature is maintained from the cold. So, when people need it and search it is the best time you use Google Ads for your online business.

In Conclusion, make your own online business by finding your niche first for your business identity, if you already know what you want to sell then you have to know where you get your product. Do some sourcing for your product, but if you want it easier you can be members of ACE Commerce. After you know your niche and where you get the product then all you have to do is marketing. There’s many platform you can choose for your marketing, such as, Facebook and Google.