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If the things we consume daily isn’t identified by the brand, then what will it be identified from? This is what make branding important for our products and businesses. Branding and brand have different meaning. Branding itself came from the word “Brand”, that means a product produced by particular company. While branding, means the process of communicating the company and the product’s identity to the customer so it becomes more familiar. The branding itself includes the names, logo design and colors, taglines and more. 

It is important to build a good and attractive brand to your customers. When you are promoting your products, it is the brand that the customer will remember and be aware to. For example, when you go to an airport and saw a coffee shop with green as their main color, what company do you think? Or, when you hear an advertisement on TV and you hear a slogan that sounds like “I’m Lovin’ It”, what fast food company comes to your mind? From those example, we know that brand is a crucial thing for our products and our companies.

Picture Taken by Andrew Herashchenko from Unsplash

You also would like your customer to know your brand as an excellent, easy to use and worth to buy products. What do we think of when someone talk about Samsung Galaxy S7? Do you feel safe charging your phone when you hear what happened to Samsung Galaxy S7? What accident do you think of to the user of that product? The accident that happened caused by this product does a big damage to Samsung’s branding. People buy less Samsung’s product afterwards and Samsung’s sales fell to 19% according to Gartner. The quality of our products also take a huge role to the brand.

So now you know what and why branding is important to a company. The next question is, how? There are various way to do branding for your company and products and increase the awareness of your brand. To achieve that as our big goal, here are few tips you can do:

1. Be Attractive

Picture Taken by George Pagan from Unsplash

You should ensure when people see your brand on the first time, they think of a good impressions. You can place Yellow as the main color if you’re trying to sell some children toys to brand your product as a joyous and happy product or you can place the main color green to show that your product is environment-friendly. Another way you can try is by creating a catchy slogan. Just like Mcdonalds with their “I’m Lovin’ It” slogans on TV, or “Just Do It” by Nike. By doing this, you create your first impressions to the customer. From that point on, those things is what your customer remember before and after purchasing your products.

2. Be Crystal Clear

Be clear in describing and communicating your brand. Use light and easy to understand languages and do not complicate the ideas. By being clear to the customer, it helps you and your company in delivering the brilliant idea on why they should buy your product.

3. Do Not Try To Copy Other

There is no point for your company to try to copycat other company. When you are trying to sell your product to your customer, try to showcase your value and your advantages from your competitors. Once your customer aware that you are trying to copycat other company, you and your company will lose respect and lose your branding.

4. Be Consistent

Picture Taken by Con Karampelas from Unsplash

The designs, colors, slogans should always be consistent delivered to the customer. By being consistent, it will ease the customer in recognizing your brand. Facebook has been using the same color pallet for more than a decade, and it successfully built a brand image in their customer. When we are scrolling our phone on social media and see the blue and white colored “F”, the only social media we think of is Facebook. And that is how being consistent could increase the brand awareness of your company.

Now, this branding is important to the company but quality of the product defines it all. It is useless to brand the product as great as a product could be but hold no quality at all for the customer. Branding is important, but put concern on product quality also.