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A return policy should be one of the most important things that gain your customer trust in your store. According to a study conducted by TrueShip, more than 60% of customers review a Return/Refund Policy before they decide to invest their time and money in a store. To be able to open a virtual store using the mediums of the internet is an easy start-up as well as a method for both the buyers and the sellers. Don’t forget to put a good return policy as the final stage in developing your business. In this case, ensuring customer satisfaction can help you stand out from your competitors. As we may face some troubles when shipping a product, what if the product gets damaged while shipping? What if you accidentally pack wrong products? as a human being, we have to admit that sometimes there can be errors too while working on your shipping. The fact is that your customers experience the same fears as yours. 

1. Be Transparent

The inability of the company to meet their customers face-to-face is a huge can disadvantaged both seller and buyer. In this case, you have to make sure that your customers read the return policy before they buy things in your store. You should describe shipping charges, payment methods, and order status in detail. Don’t forget to put them on your website footer, FAQ page, product page, cart, checkout. It’s essential to tell your customers about what they can and can’t return, and give a couple of reasons to make it makes sense. Describing a reasonable return policy is important in planning your business strategy, remember to not make an overly relaxed return policy since it can harm your company’s costs.


2. Make the language as friendly as possible

Many shoppers will refuse to buy from you if you have a hassle policy and don’t offer easy returns. Make it as simple and as friendly as you can for the sake of the convenient of customers’ shopping experiences, make plain English and don’t make your customers running for a dictionary. Remember to not put too many return policy as it can confuse your customers. Describe the specific guidelines understandable and straight-forward. Make it available in some language versions if you offer cross-border solutions, an English version is a must. 

3. Describe the expected return conditions 

You will need to provide clear policies in place so that customers know what to expect. Since your customers can’t touch and see the product directly, they will need some return policies to make sure that if it’s not arrived perfectly, then they will know what to do. 


4. Find the return policy templates of successful businesses

After writing a return policy, monitoring your competitors so you will know what their return policies look like. You can adapt what you’ve learned and then make your own return policy that suits your business. Remember to make sure your return policy doesn’t hurt your customers because it can affect your reviews and feedback in the future. 

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