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ACE Commerce Club


ACE Commerce Club Indonesia is a global group meetup for anyone interested in learning about building successful Cross-Border Sourcing (Import) or Expansion (Export) along with building Online Branding and Business by exploring opportunities and importing from China, Korea, Japan and South East Asia countries.

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Meet Our Latest Speakers

Rade Tampubolon
Rade Tampubolon

CEO & Co-founder SociaBuzz

Tasya Kissty
Tasya Kissty

Social Media Influencer

Susie Vaughn
Susie Vaughn

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Latest Events

ACE Commerce’s Indonesia latest events

Jan 30, 2019
“Increase Brand Value and Sales through Influencer Marketing”

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Gagi Aria, Brand & Marketing Manager Wellborn
Tasya Kissty, Social Media Influencer
Rade Tampubolon, CEO of SociaBuzz
Des 5, 2018
“Optimizing Instagram for Your Business”

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M. Ramadhan Djamiluddin, founder of Guteninc and Hendi Dermawan, founder of Rafheoo

NOV 1, 2018
“How to build and scale your business

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Ferry Tenka CEO of
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