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Organize a local ACE-Commerce event 

Chapter Organizer Guide

Planning and designing a ACE-Commerce event is a big endeavor. The good news is we have a comprehensive guide to help you along the way. Our organizer guide provides general instructions and best practices from ACE-Commerce’s experience hosting conferences and sharing ideas. This guide is highly recommended for both new and veteran organizers. At every stage of event planning, it should be your first stop.

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1. Volunteers + staff

You may be the lead organizer for your event, but having a dynamic team of decision-makers will help you manage the many requirements of a TEDx event.

Recruit a dedicated team

The majority of your TEDx team will be volunteers. Whether they’re work colleagues, fellow students or a group of talented friends, it’s important to find the right people for the job. A few things to keep in mind:

Lead Chapter Organizer

As lead organizer, you are the ultimate steward of the event. Your job is to manage the executive team, which we’ll talk about more in the next section. The executive team works under you, and each of them often has a team of volunteers that will work under them.


This person decides who will be speaking at your event. Much of the time, the lead TEDx organizer is also the curator, but we suggest to many organizers that they create a selection committee (or curation team) of multiple people, so you can provide different perspectives when choosing speakers.

Event manager

This person manages most of your event’s day-of logistics, and is responsible for creating a “TEDx experience” for your guests. They serve as the contact with your venue’s staff, manage day-of event activities outside of the main stage, and are often in charge of ticketing and registration needs.


You’ll want someone with experience in design to help you create the event logo, website, branding materials and other aesthetic components of your event.


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