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In this kind of era, we’ve all been spoiled and helped thanks to the development of transportation technology. Indeed, that technology brings us to be more efficient and effective in every aspect, including in transportation infrastructure development. Everyone is often hungry for innovation, where if an innovation appears in a community, it can be a warm conversation or hot topic and make people curious to see or even endeavor to be able to try it.

Talking about innovation from the business transportation sector, that is the launch of the first electric taxi car in Indonesia. It is undeniable that electric taxi cars have actually been applied in some countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, while in Indonesia it is still relatively new. The attack of various types of online-based Taxi businesses in Indonesia brought by large-known start-up companies certainly makes conventional contemporary companies previously we knowing, get a strong and fairly competition.


Initiative and innovation from PT. Bluebird Group has launched 2 models of the electric taxi, they are Tesla model X and BYD e6 as their new fleet. That being said, to be their brand new marketing strategy towards the business taxi war between conventional & online-based. Now we wonder, what is truly gained from Bluebird strategy for their business? Even though it has not yet been operated, still, a positive response emerged from the media as welcoming evidence of the development in terms of the transportation business, that surely become a good signal for Bluebird.

The news that appears even reaches social media Instagram and is seen by many users. The innovation made by Bluebird in the addition of their taxi fleet is not just, only for the first time. In their website, their tagline clearly shows #lebihtenangdenganbluebird, which means “More Calm With Bluebird”. The tagline illustrates how strong the challenges posed by online taxi and indirectly present more varied options for taxi users. Bluebird tries to maintain its values, known as a conventional taxi that is trusted and guaranteed the safety of its passengers.


The challenges like this for example, that make you have to face it if you enter the scope of entrepreneurs and the business world. The challenge is to create the form of innovation that is always born to meet the demand from customers and be able to maximize services to satisfy consumers. Dive even further, what is needed for an entrepreneur in realizing a marketing idea that is fresh, able to be accepted by the community and most importantly, can describe the brand stigma that is unique to your business

1. Strong Intention

As we know, the willingness factor is crucial in running a business. When we do something serious with a strong intention, then you will be able to pass the obstacle going forward.

Source: CNBC Indonesia

2. Brainstorming With Others

Humans as social creatures are required to interact with other individuals. This is also important in entrepreneurs, if you have a productive conversation related to businesses, it can allow you to be able to express opinions or ideas that you have never thought of before.

3. Open Minded & Just Be Yourself

A true entrepreneur should have an open-minded nature, more simply, be able to appreciate and listen to the opinions of others, and not be awkward in expressing themselves in issuing opinions and ideas so that others will see and know the quality of the ideas you have


4. Able to Adapt

Innovations made by Bluebird can be used as lessons and tools for you, that in business you will surely experience great challenges, so in any time and in any situation, you must be able to adapt to the surrounding environment that is still within the scope of your business type, and let your sensitiveness will lead to initiatives to innovate even more.

One thing should be noted, that you have to always creative and trying in order to promote your business. Mistakes and failures always happen and that was normal, all we have to do is be patient because if we do good, then good things will come to you. And in entrepreneur, a quote when you wants to success is: if you’re clever enough, you will survive and succeed.