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Aged under 30 but you have a side business?
Are you millennial and already becoming an entrepreneur?

Seeing the two questions above, it may sound too ambitious to be achieved, especially at a young age. Broadly speaking, in the current era of increasingly sophisticated information technology makes everyone have the same opportunity in pioneering a business, and of course we might say that especially millennial generation with various choices of existing business types.  We can take many examples and inspiration from business owners who started to pioneer businesses when they were from a young age (under 30) such as Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), Andrew Mason (Groupon) and Matthew Mullenweg (WordPress). They are a small part of young people who work hard, are creative, use intelligence and ingenuity in starting a business, you want to be like them right?

Speaking of Millennials, right now it can be said that they have a strategic and productive age in generating creative ideas and have more energy to do new things, including trying to pioneer a business, aside from their permanent or main job. Now if you are the millennial generation, this is a golden opportunity for you to make the most of your time, because youth only comes once guys!

Alright then, it’s time for us to discuss furthermore, what are the categories of businesses with small capital that are suitable for millennials that can be applied and developed at this time in order to get a profit.

1. Aesthetic Coffee Shop

The current business unit, arguably, the coffee shop is one that is included in the list. There have been a lot of business activists who started their businesses in the field of coffee drinks. But what makes this business very potential is just how you are able to maximize marketing promotions so that people from various backgrounds are interested in becoming your customers through social media such as Instagram and YouTube. You can make small but aesthetic to reduce your capital budget and don’t forget that you have to add supporting facilities, for example wifi to help the customer get connected to the internet. So that there is something new element in your coffee shop, you can add variations in the menu of coffee that is guaranteed to be flavored or not even in other coffee shop ever before. The uniqueness and value product of your coffee business can determine your fortune in doing business.

Coffee shop with a small capital that is instagrammable & eye-catchy could be your solution
Source: Pinterest

2. Affordable Home Cookies Business

This business will usually sell well if you really intend to jump right in and approach your target customers. To help with this you can do promotions on your personal social media account and you can analyze roughly what cookie requests your target customer wants. And by pressing down on its capital budget, you can make it yourself at home and buy the ingredients to make the cake at the traditional market or supermarket. Of course, You can start this business by customizing cakes and cookies that belong to the area where you live, or that is indeed preferred by many people and spread throughout the world. 

3. Become a Photographer

What you need to become a professional photographer is, of course, a camera like SLR as a supporting tool that can help you capture quality photos. There are so many opportunities for you to become a freelance photographer. You can explore many objects that can be used as the theme of your photos. And for stepping to the next level by becoming a professional photographer, you can take certified and licensed training.

4. Open Tutoring Courses

This depends on how your academic ability is in several subject specifications. Millennial generation can be said to be a driving force for the generation below it by providing education related to exact lessons to the soft skills needed in today’s world. This can be a profitable business for us in terms of financial and social effects to others especially for you millennials who have more free time.

5. Open Social Media Management Services

You could say that most of the millennial generation are very responsive to information from social media and are not conversant with technology, right? And you can use your expertise in using social media as a business field to gain income by opening social media management services. You need to be sensitive to developments in social media at all times and also understand what your clients need and want. The capital for this business is generally only smartphones and other support such as laptop/notebook, simple isn’t it?

6. Personal Shopper Business service

The current era of personal shopper business or entrusted services began to be loved by the community, including the millennial generation. Because this business system is quite simple, as long as you are able to convince your target customers by having a trusted supplier and guaranteed quality of goods/products. Especially for those of you who like traveling, this business can be an opportunity for you to go vacation for free, that sounds cool, right?

With creative thinking and willingness to do so, you can become a great personal shopper

7. Create an Online Thrift Shop

Selling used fashion products with guaranteed quality and not inferior to well-known brands, this can be a solution for you to start a business. Lots of fashion products that are sold very cheap such as clothes, pants, and jackets that are good in terms of motifs and materials, but have not been promoted properly and the role of branding that can increase the value product is not well implemented. Through promotions that draw attention to your social media sales account with a simple transaction process, you can sell fashion products with ease and prices that can give you profit!

8. A Reliable Dropshipper

You could say this is a business without capital! But what needs to be observed for those of you who want to run a business is that you must be able to maintain your good relations with customers through guaranteed services and always be on time, and be able to work with trusted suppliers. Now for those of you who are interested can really try to become a dropshipper through where you will be greatly helped by your supporting features to sell online. 

Online Business platform can help you to become a successful entrepreneur
Source: OnlineStore ID

The above business potential are just a few of the many business opportunities that you can run at a young age. millennials should think outside the box and discover more about business and become a reliable entrepreneur. Especially for you millennials who want to have a business with small capital, don’t forget to subscribe to the ACE Commerce YouTube channel and watch interactive videos of the ACE Commerce ID, which is certainly up to date because there is so much knowledge, insight & tips from leading business owners from various character and type of business to be able to inspire and grow your business!

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