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Is there any way you can start a business with no money that suits students or housewives? It’s not a multi-level marketing business of course, if you ever go through an online shop, the term reseller might sound familiar to you. Unlike the reseller that required the seller to buy some products with wholesale prices from the supplier, being a drop shipper allows everyone to start the business almost with no money from the beginning. Well, dropship can be an alternative for you who want to earn money even if you don’t have enough money to start a business. Not only can you save money, but also time and energy. It’s unavoidable since a drop shipper can do a long-distance transaction with customers, while the supplier will send the available product to the customer directly. Interesting isn’t it? Now, let’s see the 5 effective ways of starting a dropshipping business, suit beginners!


1.      Decide what kind of product you want to sell

It is better to consider what kinds of products will interest consumers. Let’s say that your market target is teenagers, you should be more aware of what’s happening among them. Make sure to divide them into boys and girls, so that the market segments will be different as well. Remember to not put two different segments together, because it will complicate the branding in the future. As long as you can keep the homogeny target market, you will easily catch loyal customers who always waiting for your product updates. It should be noted that when you know the conditions and the needs of the market, you will know how to follow the market flows easily. 

2.      Do simple research of the trusted supplier

If you want to be a success drop shipper, you should be selective in choosing the right channel to work together with. Not only local suppliers, but you can also try to work with abroad suppliers as well. Since all you have to do is just selling the products provided by the supplier, and you don’t know the exact condition of the product, so you don’t have any control over the quality of the product itself. What will you do if your customers suddenly complain that the products they received were different from the pictures, product damage, or as simple as the order delay complaint? To anticipate this to happen in the future, you can try to order any product from the suppliers just to make sure if they provide good quality products or not, before finally decide to work with them. 

3.      Ask for dropship procedures that provided by the supplier

Talking about the dropship trend in 2019, it will be different from the dropship we know a couple of years ago. If you finally felt sure about a supplier, there might some changing in dropship procedures, you should pay more attention when addressing dropship as ‘no money’ business. As the growth of online shops in Indonesia becomes rapid, I believe that some sellers can take advantage of it. A lot of suppliers out there already set a registration fee for the drop shippers, they even added some policies to make sure the drop shippers didn’t fail to reach a certain target in a certain period of time. However, if you still don’t want to put some money as a distributor, try to find a payless one, there are some of them available out there, using hashtag would be helpful too. 

4.      Decide the competitive selling price but don’t put it too low

As a beginner, it is better to not put the price too high, just know the selling method and your market. It is important since the competition is quite intense among online shops. It was a little bit hard for drop shippers to compete with the first-hand reseller at first because the price that drop shippers get is usually already set at a high price. But remember to not to put the price too low so that it won’t cause any disadvantage in your business.

5.      Do the promotion

There are a lot of features on social media that can help the growth of your business, just like Instagram. Set your account on business to look more professional. Try to do a paid promotion with your fellow-drop shippers on Instagram every once in a while. To grab more customers, I suggest you follow some accounts that probably interested in your products, it is another way to promote your products; it is so simple that you can introduce the products to the customers indirectly. Just give it a try!


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